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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Task date binding just got better !

Rebind a task back to it's bonded dates :

Adjacent to the "Internal delivery date" we added new button.

Date is bound Pressing the button will result in a message.
Date is not bound Pressing the button rebind the date to the original date.

reconnect button added in the following pages :




Schedule tasks    In the task grid
Rapid task allocation to employee    In Tasks grid
Quick employee tasks assigning    In the Grid view
Employee set task priority    In the task grid
Employee allocation to task    In the grid
Order task info    In the grid

Order level rebind button

Consolidated order date update    In a new column called Rebind dates
Orders    After the order number
Tabular orders update    After the order number

Please note !
Order level bind button has different button behavior.

Pressing the button will result in a message.
Pressing the button open Order task info enabling the user to change the date binding.

Rebind all the tasks dates at once !

In the Order task info page the user can rebind all the tasks dates at once
By pressing the Rebind all dates button located at the bottom of the task grid.

The system does not check or change completed tasks !

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